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Education Abroad was started with the aim to make the admission process hassle free for students seeking Medical and Engineering degrees from abroad. Making the right choice for the right programs and the right place is not an easy task for students. Also gathering the right information about the courses and universities without any professional help and guidance may become ambiguous for students.

We at Education Abroad, do a complete analysis of the student’s academics, his aspirations, curriculum and goals. We do a one to one counselling with the students to understand their needs and goals they have set for their future. On the basis of our analysis and counselling, we provide them with the best suitable options for universities, countries and courses.

Profile Analysis

At Education Abroad, we believe in helping the students by understanding their personal requirements and interests and thus our staff does a one to one session with each student. On the basis of the analysis, our experts guide them and help them in choosing the right university and course in Medical and Science abroad. Also, our staff makes the students aware of the current market demands and scenario which helps them identify the right career option for them. Applying for MBBS abroad becomes a very easy task with us.

University Selection & Admission Assistance

Education Abroad is committed to help students to find the best career option. Our staff guides each student through a one to one session about all the necessary details like which university is best suited for a particular student. We also keep in mind the financial constraints. With our tie ups with various top Govt universities, we help students get scholarships, hassle-free applications and timely correspondences. We follow up with the universities on regular basis which helps us in getting positive and quick response.

Financial Assistance

We have a special team of loan specialists, who offer students in identifying the best financial assistance for studying abroad. Our counselors guide students on managing the finances for completing the course in the most effective way. Education Abroad has tie ups with various Top universities. This makes it easier for us to help our students in getting scholarships and financial aid.

Visa Assistance

With our direct tie ups with the Embassies, our students receive free visa counselling, visa file preparation and mock training from our experienced Visa Counselors. Education Abroad ensures that no student is rejected when it comes to the visa interview. We ensure 98% visa success rate.

Pre-Departure Briefing

Once the admission process is complete, we organize a get together and a pre-departure briefing for all the selected students and their parents. This helps them to understand the new country they are going to, share knowledge, their experiences and make a company for travel. Also there is an option for opting a personal pre-departure brief as per your convenience. We make sure that our students know exactly what to do, where to go and whom to contact once they reach the new country.

Post Arrival Assistance

After you arrive at your destination, Education Abroad is still there to assist you. We keep a track of our students throughout their course and provide every possible help needed. We welcome you to contact our experts any time.