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Why Study MBBS in China

Since the past few years, China has made a great improvement in terms of medical education. The government of China is constantly working to make the higher education level of the country reach the international standards. Every year, thousands of students from around the world come to China to pursue MBBS degree. The Medical universities and colleges of China are accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNESCO.

China is a communist nation located in East Asia and is known to have the largest population of over 1.381 billion in the world with the second largest land area. The country comprises of a vast landscape with the grassland, desert, mountain ranges, lakes, rivers and about 14,500 km of coastline. The capital city of China is Beijing while Shanghai which is the largest city of China is known to be the global financial centre of the country. China shares its borders with many countries like India, Nepal, Bhutan and Burma.

As per the analysis, today China is one of the fastest developing economies of the world in terms of GDP and Purchasing Power Parity. The country has set a benchmark in the export and import industry in the world.

The medical universities in China provide world class facilities and infrastructure to the students. The opportunities provided to the MBBS students in the universities give them an edge to learn in a better way. The environment in the medical colleges in China is very friendly and multicultural which helps the students from other countries and cultures adapt in the campus very easily.

MBBS in China

There are around 48 medical universities in China which are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI), WHO and UNESCO. The students who graduate from China Medical colleges are eligible to work in any part of the world after passing the national exam of that particular country. The curriculum of Chinese medical universities includes Mandarin for foreign students which help them to easily interact with the patients and locals. as The students pursuing their MBBS from China are taught Mandarin from the very first year of the course which helps them to easily interact with the patients. The language of instruction is English. The duration of MBBS course in China is six years with a very low cost including one year internship. The following are the reasons why China is becoming a hot destination for MBBS:

Advantages of MBBS from China

Top Medical Universities of China