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Mari State University

About University

Mari State University was founded in the year as a non-profit public higher education institution. The university is located in the city of Yoshkar Ola, the capital of Mari El Republic. Mari El is known worldwide for its natural beauty, beautiful lakes and coniferous-deciduous forests. It is located to the east of the East European Plain, in the middle reaches of the Volga River. The majority of the republic is located on its left bank. Mari State Medical University is a member of the Volga Region’s Association of classical universities, a member of the Russian Association of Classical Universities and the founder of the Association of Finno-Ugric Universities.

Mari State University is one of the most prestigious medical universities of Russia. The university was awarded with the gold medal European Quality. At present, MSMU is considered to be the centre of education and scientific research and is listed by the Medical Council of India, World Health Organization, European Medical Council, UNESCO as well as the Medical Councils of many other countries.

Currently, more than 8,000 students from various countries like India, Nepal, and Bangladesh are studying MBBS in MSMU. Almost 2,500 students are residing in the university hostels. The faculty members of MSMU are highly experienced including almost 100 doctors of sciences and professors and 400 candidates of sciences and associate professors. The University has a large campus that comprises 7 educational buildings and 8 hostels. Mari State University has a large library which was established in October 1972. The Library consists of 12 departments, 7 reading halls, and 7 subscriptions.

The duration of MBBS in Mari State University is 6 years. The medium of instruction in the university is English which is becomes a benefit for the international students to adapt in a better way. The students are provided with hands on training and clinical rounds with their seniors. This helps them in gaining better knowledge and experience in their respective fields. The quality of education in Mari State University is very good and is comparable to the European standards. MSMU follows the international curriculum. The classrooms and laboratories in MSMU are well equipped with all the modern infrastructure and technology.


Mari State University comprises of 6 faculties and 5 institutes that are specialized to train well-educated physicians for most sectors of the Russian national economy. Mari State University is one of the five founder members of the International Association of Finno-Ugric universities, one of the forty-one members of Russia’s Association of Classical Universities.

Student Life

Mari State University provides a very healthy and multi-cultural environment to the students. Students from different countries live together and participate in many cultural festivals. The university campus has many activity centres like scientific communities, interest clubs, sports schools, volunteering, charity work, public work, cultural events etc. The students are encouraged to take part in seminars, youth forums and conferences.

MSMU has a special sports facility for the students in the campus that include a mini- football field, a track and field complex, two sandy courts for beach volleyball, an asphalt court for team sports, Gym, indoor courts for basketball and volleyball and fitness rooms.

Tuition Fee Structure

Tuition Fee 1st Year 2nd-6th Year Total Fee
Per Year 5000 USD (325000 INR) 3000 $ x 5= 15000 USD (195000 x 5 = 975000 INR) 20000 USD (1300000 INR)
Subsidized Fee Package 900000 INR 900000 INR

1 USD=65 INR (approx for calculation)