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Karaganda State Medical University

About University

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Kazakhstan has shown a wonderful growth in the field of medicine. The country has established many international medical universities in the past few years. Karaganda State Medical University is one of the leading medical universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The university was established in the year 1950. According to the rating by the National Accreditation Centre in the year 2008, KSMU has been ranked at the 8th position among 60 leading universities of Kazakhstan.

KSMU is the first medical university in the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the year 2005, the university successfully passed the certification in accordance with the requirements of all kinds of management quality of International Standard ISO 9001-2000 certification authority NQA – Russia – the Russian Representation of the British authority in certification management systems, NQA – UK Global Assurance.

At present Karaganda State Medical University offers multilevel training of specialists with the bachelor’s as well as postgraduate programs along with additional training. The training provided in the university is carried out in Russian and English languages. Currently there are more than 8000 students pursuing MBBS and other medical degrees in the university. The students, who complete their graduation from KSMU, get many opportunities to work in Kazakhstan itself as well as in the foreign countries.

The faculty of KSMU comprises of highly educated members that include 20 academicians and associate members of National Academy of Science, Academy of Medical Science, Academy of Military Science, National Academy of Natural Science of RK, Russian Academy of Natural History, International Academy of Information system Development, Eurasian International Academy of Science, 76 doctors of science, 3 PhD, 304 candidates of science and 121 specialist with the degree of master.

Karaganda State Medical University offers high quality education with modern of infrastructure that includes 4 training buildings with auditoriums equipped by the modern media, scientific library with the reference room and digital library room. The campus of the university has a center of practical skills equipped with the high technology simulators and manikins, a research center and a laboratory, 6 dormitories, 52 clinical bases, 439 bases for practical training passing in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad, a dental clinic, students’ sport and health camps and rest areas.

International Relations

Karaganda State Medical University has maintained very good relations with the universities and research centers in many countries. The university has a power scientific base, consisting of SRC, where many modern researches at applied and basic directions of medical science are being successfully carried out. Apart from this, the university is also collaborated with with the Association of medical education in Europe (AMEE), Great Britain, and World Federation of medical education in a sphere of improving medical education quality. Every year many international and republic conferences and seminars are conducted in the camus of KSMU.


The faculties available in Karaganda State Medical University are listed below:

Student Life

The students pursuing their MBBS or any other medical courses from KSMU are provided with the best facilities in the campus. The cost of accommodation is very low a compared to other countries. The quality of living is very good and is comparable to other developed nations. The students are provided with many activity centers like sports complex, gym, cultural center, library etc. The food provided in the college canteen is very hygienic. The hostels are well secured with a high standard of security system.

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