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Jalalabad State University

About University

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Kyrgyzstan has gained standing in terms of education system around the world. Just after a year of the establishment of Osh State University, Jalalabad State University came into operation in the year 1993. The university is located in the capital city of the country – Jalalabad. The city of Jalalabad was developed in 1980’s and is considered as the 3rd largest city of Kyrgyzstan. The institute was started by the government of Kyrgyzstan with the vision to impart higher education in the country with international standards.

The staff of Jalalabad State University is highly skilled with great experience in their fields. There are around 250 teachers including more than 10 professors cum doctors & 40+ Ph. D doctors in the university.

Many of the doctors working in the university are also active members of the National Academy of Science in Kyrgyz Rebublic and serve as the academic advisers for the country. At present, there are more than 4,500 students studying various courses in Jalalabad State University. The university offers many programs in different fields like General Medicine, Nursing, Computers, Physics, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Humanities, Russian Language, Kyrgyz Language, Biology, Pedagogy, Psychology, Physical Education, Ecology, Mechanics, Food Technology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Water Engineering, etc. There are many levels of courses offered in JSU which include Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Masters Degree & Doctorate degree. Jalalabad State University is a public institution which provides many options for higher studies in a number of departments such as construction, energy, electronics, medical education, agriculture, etc.

The medium of instruction in Jalalabad State University is English making it easier for international students to learn in an easier way. The curriculum of the university is set as per the international standards. The Jalalabad University of Kyrgyzstan (JUK) was invented by a member of President JUK of the Kyrgyz Republic that also provided the University with a leading edge of international higher education institution in Kyrgyzstan.


Jalalabad State University is divided into different administrative departments. The main administrative department of Jalalabad State Medical University is located in the main campus. The engineering faculty is located in the city of Kara-Kul. This city is located around 176 kms from Jalalabad. The faculty of electrical engineering is located in the city of Mayluu-Suu which is 112 kms away from Jalalabad. The city of Mayluu-Suu is located along the western foothills of famous Ferghana range on the bank of river. This city is also famous as the center & hub for central Asia electric works. The faculty of engineering is located at a distance of 460 kms from Jalalabad-Bishkek highway in the city of Tash-Kumyr. The faculty of technology is situated at a mere distance of 54 kms from Jalalabad and approx 500 kms from Bishkek in the city of Kochkor-Ata. Having such a big number of faculties & universities, the Jalalabd State University has become the largest training & research centre of Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Jalalabad State University

Jalalabad State Medical University offers many graduate and post graduate programs in medicine like MBBS, MD, Ph.D etc. Students from different countries apply every year to get admission in MBBS in JSMU. The staff of Jalalabad State mEdical University is highly educated and well experienced. The students are encouraged to examine the patients in the university affiliated hospitals to get a better knowledge and confidence in their field.

The students get many opportunities to participate in various inter college and inter university seminars, practical, experiments and conferences. Jalalabad State Medical University follows the international curriculum. The university is recognized by major organizations such as WHO, UNESCO, MCI and many others.

Hospitals affiliated to Jalalabad State University

Here is a list of the hospitals affiliated to the university where students can also do their internship:

Student Life

The university campus is spread over a large area with all the facilities. The accommodation provided to the medical students in JSMU is world class. At a very affordable cost. The university has a large library which comprises of several Medical Journals and Books. It has a large collection of International Scientific Magazines; Faculty encourages the students to take part in Research Oriented Studies.

The university provides its students with an opportunity to work in the affiliated hospitals where they get full exposure to the professional lives of doctors and they learn how to deal with patients on a day to day basis.

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