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International School of Medicine

About University

MBBS in Abroad

Kyrgyzstan is becoming a popular destination for the medical students around the world who are interested in pursuing MBBS abroad. International School of Medicine (ISM) is an international higher educational institution that was established as a structural unit of International University of Kyrgyzstan. The institute was started with the aim to train medical specialists from within the country as well as from foreign countries, conduct medical research in cooperation with leading health centers of the country and outside.

In the year 2001, the IUK was awarded with the International Gold Quality Star which was founded by the BID (Business Initiatives Directions) – organization. This organization selects companies and institutions that showcase their ability with strong activity and business, leadership, new technologies implementation and innovation. In 2001, International University of Kyrgyzstan was listed among the 30 best universities of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

ISM was established on a special resolution of the Kyrgyz Government to train medical specialists using up to date programs, technology and resources that meet international training standards and requirements in different regions of the world. The curriculum of the university was designed with the international standards.

The university is recognized by the world’s major organizations like WHO, MCI and UNESCO. The degree obtained from International School of Medicine is accepted globally. ISM is one of the top higher educational institutions in Kyrgyzstan. The language of teaching in ISM is English. Being a part of IUK, International School of Medicine has signed the Bologna agreement (EU), which sets up single and commonly European educational standards.

The International School of Medicine of International University of Kyrgyzstan is an official state educational institution and has got the license of Ministry of Education and Science of Kyrgyz Republic for medical education in General Medicine. The duration of MBBS in ISM is 5 years. Currently around 1800 students are pursuing their higher education from International University of Kyrgyzstan. Out of this number, around 760 students are studying in the medical faculties of International School of Medicine.


International School of Medicine is officially registered at the following:


International School of Medicine offers a great start to the career in academic research. Many students who graduate in medical field join ISM to attain the best experience in their field. There are 11 departments in medical faculty in ISM (listed below):

Student Life

International School of Medicine offers outstanding facilities for sports and leisure, including sport sections, theaters, libraries and internet rooms for the students. There are some internal clubs which regularly conduct cultural-and-organizational programs with students including excursions to museums, sightseeing in Kyrgyzstan, going to theaters and trips to mountains.

The accommodation in ISM is equipped with all the modern facilities. The rooms have internet facility, AC and heating system. The university campus has a library that contains a huge collection of medical books and other related journal and reading material. Latest foreign editions of commonly used books are available in sufficient numbers.