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European University of Georgia

About University

MBBS in Abroad

European University has catered to diverse students services, teaching quality and practice oriented delivery and serves both Georgian and international student communities. We try to help our students to acquire theoretical and practical skills through continuous assistance from our professors and staff, academic and community programs, well-equipped laboratories, innovative teaching services and growing international partnership initiatives.

The applications for Medical Doctor’s (MD) and Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) programs are only accepted through the Office of Administration.

As per the Georgian regulations, foreign citizens who conform to the following can enroll in the programs of European University and they also need not pass the Georgian National Examinations (which is compulsory for Georgian citizens).

Medical Doctor’s educational program

Preconditions to apply for a single-step Medical Doctor’s (MD) educational program (without National examinations):

Applicant must be a foreign citizen or a stateless person who has received secondary or equivalent education in a foreign country.

Applicant must be an individual who currently studies / has studied in a foreign country and have received credits at an academic institution recognized under the laws of that country.

Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)

Preconditions to apply for a single-step Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) educational program (without National examinations):

Persons who are identified in the Article 52 Paragraph 3 of the Georgian &Law of Higher Education:

More Details

European Teaching University  was founded in  1995. Institution is focused on training using the European model, competitive to grow up students, according demands of international labor market .

European Teaching  University is staffed by qualified, experienced academic staff and invited specialists, who were educated in the leading universities in Europe, which contributes to the international experience and high-quality, innovation-based learning.

Institution is completely focused on students, it  gives ability ,together with high-quality education, university grants and studying  abroad.

European University is equipped with modern technological base, a diverse library, their own television and  with the essential equipment  for appropriate   programs, which provides all the conditions for a quality education.

Many foreign  students studying at the  institution, including the Ukraine, India, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, etc. The university provides a special service for the agency, which helps foreign students to shelter, food and security related issues.

Institution implements accredited  Bachelor  and  Master  programs in the following areas: