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Crimea Federal University

About University

Russia is known for having the best universities in the world for higher studies in medicine. Crimea Federal University is among the top universities of Russia where the students from all over the world come to pursue MBBS. The university is situated in Simferopol (Crimea, Russia). The structure of Crimea Federal University comprises of 6 faculties and 54 departments. Approximately 4700 students are pursuing their MBBS here out of which around 1700 are foreign citizens from 34 countries of the world. The university was designed with Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1981) and has been certified by the International Education Society as AA-level high school.

The campus of CSMU is spread over an area of 17.3 acres which includes 16 educational buildings, five hostels, an athletics arena, a sports center (with stadium and swimming pool) and several cafes. There are around 600,000 books in the library of CSMU. The university also owns a publishing center.

Initially, in 1981, the university was established as a medical faculty of Taurida University. Then in 1931, it became an independent university with the name Crimea Medical Institute. R. I. Gelvig was the first rector of CSMU and the dean of medical faculty at the same time. Then in 1951, S. I. Georgievsky became the director of the institute and the university was honored with his name in 1995. CSMU was honored with the 4th accreditation level in 1998. CSMU is ranked among the top universities in Russia for pursuing MBBS in Russia. The faculty and staff of CSMU have been working hard to make more improvements in the fields of teaching and research. A special model was designed to improve the quality of education in the University.

The campus and the clinical departments of Crimea Federal University are well equipped with all the necessary equipment and demonstration aids such as educational films, diagnostic inventory etc. The faculty of of CSMU is highly educated with 106 Doctors of Science, Professors, and 524 Candidates of Science (Ph.D. holders), Associate Professors. 40 Academy professors are academicians and corresponding members of domestic and foreign Academies of Sciences; 14 are State Prize laureates, 60 have honorary titles.


The University consists of six faculties:

The university has 54 departments, medical college, 47 clinical bases and own clinic.

Student Life

The accommodation provided to the students who come here to pursue MBBS in Crimea Federal University is very comfortable in terms of facilities as well as security. The rooms of the hostel are designed to accommodate 3 or 4 students. Various facilities are available in the hostel like a shower room, kitchens and a classroom on every floor.

There is an International Center in the campus which was built by the University to create a multicultural environment in the university. Various activities and programs are held in this center which helps students to interact with each other and understand different cultures. Students actively participate in different activities like folk dance, pop dance, show-ballet, an amateur theater, a break dancing group.

Tuition Fee Structure

Tuition Fee 1st Year 2nd-6th Year Total Fee
Per Year 4000 USD (260000 INR approx) 2500 $ x 5= 12500 USD (1950000 INR approx) 16500 USD(1072500 INR approx)

1 USD=65 INR (approx for calculation)

Fees includes Tuition Fee, Basic Hostel Fee and Medical Insurance.

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