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Anhui Medical University

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With the rapid growth in medical science in China, the country is proving its caliber in medicine having the world’s top medical universities. Anhui Medical University is one of the best medical universities in China. The university is formerly known as Shanghai Southeastern Medical College. AMU is known to be one of the key universities in Anhui Province.

Anhui Medical University was established on May 29th, 1926 and was relocated to its present place in 1949 with the new name Anhui Medical College. Then in June 1996, the university officially became Anhui Medical University. The campus of the university is spread over an area of 860 thousand square meters and with total coverage of about 700 thousand square meters. The university is the first authorized university to admit Ph. D. and post-doctoral students in Anhui Province. AMU has become the center for higher medical education, medical research, and medical treatment in the Anhui Province in China.

At Anhui Medical University, various undergraduate programs and courses are being offered in 32 special fields of study. The university is authorized to establish 3 post-doctorial scientific research programs for granting doctorial degrees in 27 specialties, and to provide master’s degrees in 74 specialties. There are 5 directly affiliated hospitals and 6 non directly affiliated hospitals with Anhui Medical University. Anhui Medical University has successfully gained a large number of grants from NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China).

The university is known to have the best teaching staff in the province. The faculty of AMU consists of 4889 teaching and medical staff. Among them there are 386 professors, 741 associate professors, and over 138 doctorial graduates. Currently there are about 8374 undergraduates, 830 postgraduates and doctorial students pursuing their education from AMU.

Anhui Medical University has a large library with a collection of 720000 volumes and 20000 kinds of periodical and journals as well as e-journals. The library is equipped with a campus computer network, which is also a center in Anhui for sharing biological and medical information across the nation on Internet. The university has maintained good relations with other higher institutions in European countries, America and Japan.

The research center in AMU was established with the collaborations with Harvard University and Mayo Clinic in the USA, Sino-Canada Children Foundation, Karolinska Medical Institute in Sweden and Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences in Germany respectively.

There are a total of 23 academic departments in the university. Some of the departments are listed below:

Student Life

The students pursuing MBBS from Anhui Medical University are provided with all the facilities with high quality. The rooms in the hostels are well equipped with beds, desks, chairs, bookcase, air conditioner, telephone and private washrooms. The cost of living is very affordable as compared to the universities in other countries. The students actively participate in various cultural activities, sports and academics activities like seminars, conferences and experimental projects. The campus is fully secured with 24X7 security guards.